Trump Tax Returns and Fraud

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U.S. President Donald Trump engaged in tax schemes that included cases of outright fraud in which he and his siblings helped their parents dodge taxes, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

The Times investigation, which a Trump lawyer said was inaccurate, showed Trump received the equivalent today of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate business, citing a “vast trove” of confidential tax return and financial records.

The Times reported that much of that fortune came to Trump because he helped his parents evade taxes, setting up a fake corporation with his siblings to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents.

During his presidential campaign, Trump promoted himself as a self-made real estate mogul who started out with only a “very small” loan from his businessman father, Fred Trump.”

The Times said its findings were based on more than 200 tax returns from Fred Trump, his companies and various Trump partnerships and trusts. The records did not include Donald Trump’s personal tax returns.

Trump lawyer Charles Harder told the Times: “President Trump had virtually no involvement whatsoever with these matters.”

Harder added: “The affairs were handled by other Trump family members who were not experts themselves and therefore relied entirely upon the aforementioned licensed professionals to ensure full compliance with the law.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report. Reuters has not been able to verify the report.

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The newspaper said the report was based on interviews with Fred Trump’s former employees and advisers and more than 100,000 pages of documents describing the inner workings of his business empire.

“The investigation also draws on tens of thousands of pages of confidential records — bank statements, financial audits, accounting ledgers, cash disbursement reports, invoices and canceled checks,” the Times said.




source : Reuters



  1. I am not a bit surprised at this. This man is a complete reversal of what our country believes in. I do have to say he has helped pull our country out of a downward spiral. Other than that I do believe he is not good for our country and for his lies and dealings should be impeached.

  2. Where did all this information come from?????? Private records????? How did anyone get their hands on this information???????

    The Democrats are losing on the Kavanaugh thing so they are trying to bring down the greatest President IN THIS TIME who has made promises and kept them.

    Now if only someone would put a GoFundMe for a Border Wall – $10/willing person would do the trick. The U.S. would be saved from this illegality that should have been stopped 3 decades ago. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY—–ARE WE ALL FOOLS?????

    At one time we were the greatest, with Trump we are trying to get back to a God-fearing country with liberty. THESE BLOWS AGAINST THIS PRESIDENT IS DISGRACEFUL!!!!

  3. I don’t know what all happened. But I do know Trump has done more for this country than all the rest. And it’s only been two years. If people would get behind him instead of stand in his way, so much more could be accomplished. He has saved us more money than the amount listed by getting us out of the Paris Climate Accord and by cutting back at the UN. Relax, you’re in good hands.

  4. The democrats are pissed about the 2016 election and who the hell cares about Trumps tax returns. The man made money and he’s rich,so what. He is helping America get back to greatness after the incompetence and corrupt administration of Obama and his minions. Democrats get over it and quit acting like 12 year olds on a play ground

  5. Do we really care at this point? He is doing a hell of a job. This stuff is just sour grapes. Interesting they could never “find” anything on Obama while we know it had to exist. Just the press plus the Dems trying to discredit Trump. You have to be sure there is nothing out there on Clinton either!

  6. Compared to Kennedy, Johnson and Clintons what’s the big deal. Politics is for lawyers to get rich when they can’t make it in the real world.

  7. This lying sack of shit we have for a president did not make any great new trade deals. They are basically the same with some miner improvements. But the damage he did to the relationship we had with Canada and Mexico far out weighs any gains he achieved.

  8. Anybody with a scintilla of common sense knew Trump was a crook. This report carves it in stone — and even the guy who collaborated on The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, said that after reading the story, he was flabbergasted by the enormousness of The Donald’s fraudulence.

    You know what? It won’t matter much to his pitiful followers, who are like those of James Jones and David Koresh, dedicated to following their savior over the cliff. What’s scary is that there are so many of these brain-dead people.

  9. The buffoon aka the Donald is truly a despictable person. It will be revealed how he made his money off the backs of the American people.

  10. This reply is in regards to this on going issue of Pres. Trumps taxes.
    Who among the who’s who in the business, and or any of the wealthy have not done there best to not have to pay anymore then they had to?
    As to his being aware of these things that are being said about him this time.
    With as much as he has paid out in taxes, as compared to those who

    CLAIM TO DONATE 80% of there INCOME to a specific foundation.
    And how those behind this foundation actually uses said donation, I for one call B.S.

    If you do not know who I’m talking about ask me, I know for a fact that what I’m saying is 100% the truth . As I have it in writing on there company letterhead!

    When you decide to go after every single solitary man, women, or he/she, for unclaimed taxes, then go after Pres. Trump about his!

    Until such time it can be proven he had knowledge beforehand, and did nothing about it, or was a part of it in any way!


    As for me, there are far more POLITICIANS out there that have done far worse then this, every Hollywood elite who barely pays taxes of any kind.

    People go away, leave Pres. Trump alone, let him do the job he was elected to do, and which he is doing a great job of, even in spite of all if the B.S. he has had to deal with since being sworn in.

    The real crime, the real criminals are those who have done nothing to support him, and has done everything they could to make him have to work harder then he should to get things done.

    All of the.” CAREER ” politician who have sat on there backsides doing nothing to help those who helped them get into office, and has been being paid throughout the time Pres. Trump has been in office.

    Now those are the true.

    LIARS, CROOKS, AND THIEVES who should be investigated.

    Leave Pres. Trump alone, he has done more for this Country, and it’s people, then the last 4 presidents combined!

  11. I cannot believe the BS that the Democrats are pulling when they had Obama, both Clinton’s and many more that did much worse to this country. Obama destroyed the peace between black & white plus allowed millions of Muslims in for American taxpayers to support as well as his last act of treason sending them over a billion dollars of taxpayers dollars. Bill had sex in the Oval Office and stole furniture from the White House that taxpayers paid when he left office. And Hillary, what can I say, that woman is purely the most corrupt of the corrupt. She made deals with the devils for money, she allowed Benghazi to happen, in fact I feel she killed the men that died that day personally. I am disappointed that Hillary and Obama have not been arrested for theft and treason.

  12. I’m always amused by the ‘big’ boogy man tactics used by the ‘left’ to try to ‘blacken’ the reputation of the opposition. Do I believe there is some ‘hanky-pank” in his returns — OF COURSE — as there is with the majority of the standard returns from the common folk. THE BIG DIFFERENCE (which is never mentioned) is that returns as large as his ARE ALWAYS AUDITED BY THE IRS — it’s a give AND TAKE PROCESS — with FINAL settlement usually in the form of a negotiation. HE DOES NOT SUBMIT HIS OWN RETURN personally, it is submitted by tax accountants and lawyers. Any ‘questionable’ entry has ALREADY been challenged by the IRS. The “release” of his tax information would simply ‘open the flood gates’ to those who want to harm him — it wouldn’t change ANYTHING that has already been closed by the IRS !!

  13. In other words this is very possible fake news again thousands of pages and documents and the times not sure about nothing. If you’re going to write a story about someone at least do enough research to make it true, don’t just make up something because you don’t like them.


  15. Dont you people ever stop lying? Fake news! Whoever got this private information without permission of the president should be charged with a crime! Shameful!

  16. I’m so sick of the media and false charges I could scream. I’m so concerned of those behind the scenes creating chaos toward a civil war.

  17. Just more bullshit by halfwits who have no idea of the complexities of our corrupt tax system. Even tax auditors have totally different opinions of how to record and file business expense and what is to be called income .

  18. Every child inherits from their parents and every person of means uses accountants and attorneys to save as much money as they can in order to avoid paying taxes. If you want to be fair look into the Kennedy’s the Rockefeller’s and other rich people. At least President Trump pays taxes unlike the likes of a certain Reverend we know who owes millions to the IRS. This witch hunt trying to catch the Trumps in doing something wrong is starting to be annoying if you want to start check out the Clinton’s Pelosi and Feinstein along with some other democrats.

  19. There goes the mainstream media again! They need to check this out before they smear President Trumps name. He may have helped his father some. But that does not mean he was dishonest, or that he made any mistakes. Who were the people who were hired to do this? And how much did PresidentTrumps dad work on his taxes? Stop being so ready to cry fowel just because Donald Trump is our President. Wait till someone gets to the bottom of it! I believe there may be some mistakes, but there may also be some thieving that had nothing to do with the president or his siblings.

  20. New York Times well their never right bunch of liberals left wing Chuck Schumers bunch of morons and Bill Nelson with them.
    Thanks B. Denby

  21. I don’t believe it. Do you seriously think they would have pulled the wool over the IRS for god knows how long. Thank you Holocaust denying NY Slimes, your own article says the returns were prepared by professional tax accountants and noy Donald Trump or members of the family.

  22. The liberal organizations funding all the disruptions should be investigated by the IRS. Folks paid to demonstrate and disrupt should be paying Federal Income Tax. If not they and their employers should be charged with tax fraud.

  23. When is there going to be an effort to nail down the CLINTONS? If President Trump sneezes they want the EPA after him for germ warfare……

  24. None of this is relevant to Donald Trump. Whatever his parents did when he was a child has nothing to do with him or his siblings. He is in no way connected or responsible.

  25. The Newark times has liars to spread their fielth, I wonder where their getting their bad propaganda from, do they dream this stuff up or are they good friends with terrorist. If you can’t say anything good about our President, you should just keep your mouth shut. You are just making enemies, you are not doing any good.

  26. Talk about scamming the I RS and the federal government…… If the average person did that his ass would be in jail and owe tens of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties ……
    Trumps ass should be in prison and not scamming America and the American people

  27. Ruthless people. Would never vote Democratic and many of my friends would not either. President Trump is doing a GREAT job Look at who we have in Ct. A-hole Blumenthal and Murphy. Thank GOD Malloy is gone. Hopefully Bob will Win.

  28. Do I believe any of the Democratically contrived BS? Heck no! Now lets look at the Clinton, Obama, all Congressional Representatives and Senators tax returns, accounts, and financial dealings and see what pops up.

  29. Obviously the Media and Democrats are on a fishing expedition for any excuse to cause problems for Trump and his Family!
    All investigations started by the Democrats have only proven that the Democrats were at fault and were guilty of lies and fraud!

    Obviously only the Democrats are given special treatment by the FBI and they have been proven to be guilty of lies and fraud as well! Common Sense Applies! Trump is clearly for Our American Citizens and Veterans FIRST over Illegals and Imported Muslims in All 340 Sanctuary Cities?

  30. Stop this drama Already
    We finally get a President that does what he says he will do & its ALL GOOD 4 America,
    Honestly.. who cares!
    There are PLENTY of tax laws that make this entirely possible..
    More drama to alienate and throw darts – No One Deserves this treatment.
    After All, we were all patient with the destructive and Racist and Divider Obama – who practically wiped America off the map..
    Dontcha Think…
    Please deliver the stats and details to the liberals – Let them do a “University Level” Analysis with an open honest mind. FACTS DONT LIE

  31. Make sure you go over them with a fine tooth comb. How can you guys keep covering up his NUMEROUS LIES

  32. The left and media. Just never quits. We have a president that isn’t a politician and America is getting what it deserves. Someone that’s actually bring results to the table. Work with him and look at what you could do for our country

  33. So here’s more stuff that happened way, way, way back then! And the IRS just hasn’t done their job all these years and just kind of let it ride because they’re such great people??? The most important negative about this load of crap is the New York Times reported it! These people are so far left that they walk in counterclockwise circles! This kind of crap doesn’t affect normal Americans who are happy that our wallets are full, our bank accounts are full, are 401 K’s are going crazy, and our stock is out of sight as well !!
    The only people who are making a big deal out of this are liberal idiots who basically get their talking points and propaganda from lesbians on MSNBC. Give this crap a week to be disproven and it will blow over! They are trying to deflect from the Kavanaugh Fiasco! They know they’re going to lose and Kavanagh will win!! Guaranteed Kavanagh will be confirmed by Friday!

  34. Fat chance there’s any wealthy person who has not completed tax returns and created tax shelters based on their CPA advisors. It’s a waste of tax payer dollars go to down this ‘beat up Trump’ path. Enough, already. We have national issues that need to be addressed and lots of our people in our country illegally stealing money that belongs to tax payers. Get on to the real issues that concern our nation and quit this waste of time and money harrassment.

  35. As my father used to say… “Here, give me that lawn mower! Let me do it and show you how it should be done!” I really don’t care what my doctor says nor do I care about his past life and blunders…as long as he knows his stuff about brain surgery when he operates on me!

  36. President Trump is a great president. Don’t understand why it so hard for the press to understand this. I was a democratic for my whole adult life and voted for Obama! Than I realize it what a huge mistake it was. Obama was not for the American people he could have stop a lot of racist that is going on today. I love my country and would fight to the end. I am so sick of CNN, Washington Post just a few. Most news outlet should not consider themselves America they only want to destroy what my family has fought to make this country great. Nobody has Torrance for anyone but themselves and that is not a true America . Hillary sould be in “JAIL”. Kavanaugh is not being treated fair. I’m a women and I’m sickened by what is happening today. These women make us look horrible. This country is going to shit and I am “sick” of you Democrats. You cry like spoiled children. Enough is enough. I’m one pissed of America .

  37. Are these “forms” over 7 years old? As I understood it, the IRTS can only go back 7 years. Is that correct? If so why the big fuss?

  38. You people never stop. You spit out one lie after another and the people of this country still love Trump . You are guilty of the crime you are accusing Trump

  39. Lets look into the the financial background and taxes of Barack Obama, last 20 years to the present fortune of 150 million plus. The IRS only goes back 7 years, unless Obama changed a law to protect his butt. If he did Trump can change that. All past CEO’s and CFO’s for the NYT, financial dealings and taxes ought to be investigated as well as the paper itself. What the hell?

  40. If all the N Y Times billshit is true why did the IRS
    except his tax returns ?
    If all this bull is true he would have been arrested for filing false tax returns & jailed.
    More billshit & FAKE NEWS.

  41. No matter what Trump has done with the economy
    To IMPROVE the American people’s lives…he has opposition from Congress.,Newspapers, Media,
    He keep going…it’s time he gets some credit…on to 2020!!!

  42. How long is the so called news gonna beat this dog ??? Theirs got to be some news somewhere besides Trump !!!! Hell, he’s done more in the time he’s been president than all of the last three or four presidents all put together !! If you can’t find something worth writing about go to the big cities and check on the illegal population or do something right like check on what old hillary is up to now !!! Not that it would make any difference tho !!! Seems what they want to do is pretty much left up to them and the so called news just can’t seem to print the truth about them !!! Can’t believe the news anymore anyhow . DON’T KNOW WHY THEY DON’T JUST QUIT AND SAY THE NEWS IS JUST BEYOND THEM !!!

  43. Why did the owners of the NYT have employees “dig up” and investigate about fifty years of the financial history of the FATHER of president Trump, his son Donald and his grandchildren ?
    Or, did the owners of the MSM, who control 96% of western world media, use their stooges, the owners of the NYT, to publish invented fairy-tales in their attempt to block the appointment of judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, and continue to attempt to smear president Trump?
    The owners of the MSM have consistently used their stooges in the media to spread demeaning fairy-tales against Republicans and all conservatives while supporting the Clintons, the foreign alien alias Barack H. Obama, the DNC, and their stooges in the US Congress who pledge 1st allegiance to “Israel” instead of the USofA. All of whom promote the zionazi “New World Order”, which dissolves the sovereignty of all nations.
    To discover the identity of the owners of the MSM, search the net with the phrase, tapnewswire 96 . The link reveals the religious organization that sponsors the world-wide subterfuge.

  44. ANYTHING PUBLISHED BY THE TIMES IS without a doubt “hand picked” information, twisted to conveniently make their LIES look real. Why anyone would waste their money on that RAG is beyond me, unlike the old catalogues, it wouldn’t it even make BUTT WIPE!!

  45. The New York Times again makes all kinds of wild claims including having reems of documents supporting their claims but shows us nothing. They have proven to be anti Trump over and over again, so credibility is a major issue and still they show us nothing. If they had any proof as the claim they would show it in support of their claims.

  46. Typical NewYork Times hit piece to advance a narrative to destroy the one person who stands in their orchestrated Saul Alinski tactics and bring down our democracy and destroy the Constitution.

  47. The report says that tens of thousands of pages of confidential records were looked at. If the records are confidential–how did the Times get to look at them????? Unless I missed something those records are not for public viewing.

  48. Let me guess this originated with the far left and probably G Soros raises his ugly head again. Is anyone else as sick of this as I am? According to this, our president had nothing whatever to do with any of this, so why is he the person the finger is being pointed at or have they run out of fake happening to Kavanaugh, so we are headed back to the president yet again.

  49. i would like to see hillary clinton or barrack obama under the same scrutiny president trump and his family have endured since being legally elected president in all seriousness i believe barry and hillary both belong in prison

  50. 1. President Trump is doing a great job and I encourage you to stay with Judge Kavanaugh I have all the confidence he is the perfect person for the Supreme Court.
    2. Build the wall, just as you said.
    President Trump and his family are a class act. The best our Great Country has. I am so pleased to have them in our lives. Thank you Mr. President. The best President in our great country in my 78 years.
    Ronald Reagan is now my 2nd best President. They saved our now Great Country.

  51. More lies by the left. Trying so hard to bring Trump down even though everything he has done has improved this country. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE CLINTON CAMPUS FOR LIES!

  52. To me open borders and illegal aliens are the greatest dangers for the US.
    Crime and Justice comes 2nd.
    Labor & Business 3rd.
    Infratructure 4th
    Health 5th
    Family & Equality 6th
    Environment 7th. We are doing pretty good in the North Americas and Europe.
    We should not kill our economy with too many rules and regulations, like they do in California and other
    liberal states..
    Culture 8th

  53. The Times will do ANYTHING to destroy Donald J. Trump! This is unsubstantiated information that has NOT been corroborated by ANYONE! Look at who is reporting this information , that is all you need to know!!

  54. Trump is just a rich lying little kid in a big man facebook. Ever notice his facial expressions never change. A look like he’s possession at the world cause everybody doesn’t bow down and kiss his feet. Meanspirited and not people friendly. Dump Trump!

  55. Leave President Trump alone! We don’t care whatsoever! He has done so much for our country since he became President, nothing could sway my mind about the heartfelt thanks we owe him! Instead, go after the politicians who have made fortunes from lobbyists and companies, while being paid salary by the taxpayers!

  56. So what, doesn’t everyone mess up in their lives at one time or another.
    Did he actually take money personally from any of you.
    You all act like if you had a stick up your ass.
    Just leave the man alone. Next time he farts you are going to blame him for farting.

  57. What is the big deal about the tax returns?
    Everyone that files the tax return files according to the tax code law and files to pay the minimum required by the IRS code. Yes they are rich families that filed under the advice of existing codes at their proper years and the IRS had accepted the returns. Believe it really is none of anyones business!
    Presidentials candidates have not been required by law to present their tax return files even though some in the past had revealed their tax returns.
    I believe it is way past time for those still bickering about this to move on and show some Respect to your Nation and your self.

  58. The financial circumstances that are report seem a continuous of the vicious attempts by the left and Democrats to bring more rift to the President and his family once again. So much is the claim but thus far everything is “Hear Say” it does not matter! Only that President Trump is wonderful, honest and those claiming are in fact must be enjoying a wonderful enhancement financially due to Tax Cuts, Investments, Stock Markets, especially today. So what is your beef now??? You have now given the President the right to return the financial investigation on each one of you, My, I bet, the dirt and crimes he will find and share with the Public. Like Judge Kavanaugh said in his opening hearing statements, quote”What goes around comes around” So be prepared!!!

  59. Note to all…EVERYONE “evades” taxes in some way. Most of us through legal loopholes and the like but others in more nefarious ways. If people don’t like the loopholes, then get the tax laws changed (good luck with that). You might find that you’re screwing the “regular people” too in the process. And since when can my father be brought into MY tax situation? Why? How? Really? My father can’t even look at my medical record without my written consent. The Left is so full of vicious, double-minded, hypocritical douchebags that I would never even consider voting for them at any level of real power.

  60. How does this compare with any investigation of the Clintons millions? Has there been any type of audit into this messy situation? Please, do some investigation on these ill begotten gains before sticking it to The Trumps!!!

  61. If so….!? Do you really think he would have FUN for the Highest office..???!!!!!!!
    Dems just CAN NOT Accept that WE! – did NOT WANT them DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY any mote

  62. I would like to thank Trump . For haven’t set of balls to do what should have been done a long time ago . For the people who don’t believe in the wall . Let the immigrants live with you . And you pay for the immigrants . There is so much more . Just know this Trump . I wear my trump t-shirts to work . To show my support and you have my next vote Mr. President .

  63. From what I just read is… President Trump’s is responsible for what his father supposably did. That like blame a child for his fathers crimnal activity. President Trump’s was elected into office by the people of the United states. Some don’t like it, but some do. Some don’t like his policies or his opinions, some do. This is the first time I can remember so much negativity from news affiliates, and various adults who expect everyone to think the way they do, god forbid you throw your support for President Trump and express it, you either get ridiculed, called awful names, and even your property vandalized. To the news affiliates– have you ever dug into Obama, Clinton or even the Bush’s parents tax documents? We get it you don’t like President Trump, grow up, keep your personal feelings out of the news report the positive things he does. Quit digging up past crap his parents did. If you don’t like him vote in November 2020 and vote him out, but until then let him do his job, if you don’t like a policy contact your Congress person and let them do thier job that’s why we have a Congress to oversee the President, whoever is in office.

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