Student Removed From Class For NRA Shirt

Image Source: Fox News Insider

A history teacher in California’s Lodi Unified School District sent one student to the principal’s office and lectured another on the evils of guns, all because the two wearing an NRA t-shirt.

The student who received the lecture on firearms was a 15-year-old girl.

CBS Sacramento reports that both students were wearing NRA shirts at Lodi High School when the teacher became angry on Friday. Charlene Craig, the mother of the girl, said, “[The teacher] basically yelled at her, telling her that she would be writing an essay if she disagreed with him.”

Craig noted that the school’s dress code bars clothing that depicts a firearm, but made clear that her daughter’s shirt did not violate this policy because there was not a photo or image of a gun on it. Rather, the shirt has shell casings in a color-coordinated pattern, making an American flag. Below the flag are the words, “National Rifle Association.”

Fox News Insider reports that administrators in Lodi Unified School District investigated the matter and noted that the shirts did not violate the district’s dress code. They district made clear it “plans to re-inform its staff about dress code policies.”

The other student “was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to take off the NRA shirt.”