Sen. Hirono Refuses To Admit Accuser Letter Leak


Sen. Mazie Hirono deflected a question Sunday about whether she believes Democrats did not strategically leak Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Hirono, a Democratic senator from Hawaii, is one of Kavanaugh’s biggest critics.

What happened?

On ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Hirono: “Are you confident the Democrats didn’t leak that letter, and how do you respond to Senator [Lindsey] Graham’s charge that it was inappropriate for the Democrats to refer Dr. Blasey Ford to a lawyer?”

Hirono responded: “All of these things do not focus on what we should be focusing, which is the credibility of Judge Kavanaugh.”

She also said claims of a conspiracy against him are bizarre.

“And, by the way, even as all of these accusations about this being politically motivated are being tossed around, everyone acknowledges, including Judge Kavanaugh, that Dr. Ford is not being politically motivated,” Hirono said. “That is very clear.”

In July, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) received a letter from Kavanaugh’s key accuser, Ford, that alleged he attacked her at a house party in the 1980s. Feinstein’s office immediately recommended Ford retain a prominent liberal lawyer, according to reports.

Hirono’s “non-answer” could be used by Republicans who are seeking answers on how Blasey Ford’s letter wound up at the The Intercept news outlet, Fox News reported.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and others have suggested the move was orchestrated by Democrats.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, Feinstein was questioned about but denied leaking the letter.

“Well, I’m telling you I did not,” Feinstein said.

She also said: “It’s my understanding that [Ford’s] story was leaked before the letter became public and she testified that she had spoken to her friends about it, and it’s most likely that that’s how this story leaked … But it did not leak from us, I assure you that.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and other Republicans said last week that Feinstein did not follow committee protocols when she received the information. That includes notifying her colleagues or federal authorities about the accusations, even if they were to be kept confidential.

What’s next?

The FBI already did a background check but is now investigating the allegations against Kavanaugh. The agency’s report is due Friday. President Donald Trump has said the FBI is free to interview anyone it sees fit.

Hirono has suggested the FBI’s investigation into Kavanaugh should not be limited to a week.



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    You are one pompous excuse of a …….. the words , the humiliation you have directed using that sooo liberal & oh so slippery timbre of your voice, grates at the core of all things good. You have tarnished a decent, honorable man, father, his wife, children and his elderly parents. And his mom is a Jurist! You did a number to insult and attack them and all of those watching who have respect and obey everything our country stands for. Totally unacceptable behavior. An abuse of your office, violation of the duty in said office, in this case Advise and Consent was turned into a mission of attack and destroy.

    I however don’t for a second have not an ounce of respect for you and the other leftist’s as your witch hunt attack step by step crumbled. Using Dr. Ford, an obviously disturbed and troubled woman, who became your pawn against Judge Kavanaugh was the most deplorable injustice seen around the world. You showed no wisdom. You chose to humiliate and abuse a sitting United States Judge purposely at the expense of Dr. Ford. For that you have shamed and disgraced our founding father’s dignity. And for absolutely no gain.

    Now that cloture has been called in Committee, you and your fellow TDS suffering members can’t stop the vote by the full Senate to elevate, a highly worthy Jurist to our Highest Court. However, American’s will not stop making our voices heard. The voting booths are our next stop to resend that message you still haven’t taken seriously just two years ago. We’re not finished cleaning up the mess that remains in the House and Senate.

    The oncoming barrage that awaits those of you seeking re-election November 6, 2018 will have their just and due notice of firing. That’s what you’ve earned for berating and abusing our President and the millions who totally have seen the greatest turn a round in the strength and economic growth, and take a good look at how long it did take madam. Far less than two years to “Make America Great Again.”

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    It is such a shame to have to spell the truth in these times, when so much has turned upward and so many good things have bloomed in America.

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