This actually makes perfect sense….

If Nancy Pelosi has proven anything since this impeachment trial has begun, it’s that she doesn’t deserve to be the Speaker of the House.

According to Breitbart, Recently on Fox’s “Fox News Reporting,” Senator Rick Scott insisted the Senate didn’t want an impeachment trial from the very beginning so if Speaker Pelosi ends up not sending impeachment articles, the Senate won’t deal with impeachment.

Scott said, “So, if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to send it, break our hearts. I mean, the Senate didn’t want this on their lap anyway … We wanted to get things done for the American public, pass budgets, reduce drug prices, focus on securing the border. But this is something she created, and now she — I think she just realizes that this is bad for their elections. And so, I think she’s scared to death of sending it. But, if she does, we’ll deal with it. If she doesn’t, we won’t.” You can watch a clip of Scott’s statement here.

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