Hey, at least she’s able to form a complete sentence unlike Joe…

If you thought Joe Biden has been talking crazy, you should listen to his wife. According to the Daily Wire, former Second Lady Jill Biden had suggested that President Trump is “afraid to run” against Joe in 2020.

Jill stated, “Well, you know, when Joe and I decided to run for president, when we made that decision, we knew it was going to be tough.”

She then stated, “But we never could have imagined that it would turn into, that Donald Trump would be asking a foreign government to get involved in our elections, and I think, you know, Donald Trump has shown us who he is, and this has been a real distraction. And I think it just proves that he’s afraid to run against my husband, Joe Biden.” Yea…  Good luck trying to get people to believe that. You can read the full story here.